Supermoto Season 2023

Supermoto of Nations 2023

Youry Catherine wins the Junior Nations trophy.

The last supermoto event of the season is the prestigious Nations Trophy which was held in Castelletto di Branduzzo, Youry Catherine was called up to the ranks of the Junior national team which for the first time in history will have a separate classification.

Youry Catherine was very fast from the first tests, in the official ones the strong French driver set the second best time overall.

The qualifying heat that was used to determine the lineup for the two races on Sunday once again saw Youry as the protagonist and with an exceptional race he obtained the victory ahead of his two teammates.

In race 1 France decided to have Catherine start as the third driver, Youry, after a good start, immediately got behind his teammates and after studying them for a few laps took the lead and went on to win.

In the second heat Youry and France dominated, after only one lap they occupied the first three positions, Catherine, the most experienced of the Junior team riders, decided to remain in third position to leave the stage to her two companions.

Thanks to the results obtained by Youry, Catherine and the other members of the team are crowned Junior Trophy Champions for the second time in a row.

The team also fielded Romeo Fiorentino for the Belgian team, who thanks to his two excellent placings in both heats brought his national team to seventh place.

S4 European Championship.

The Honda RedMoto Gazza Racing team fielded two wild cards in this last race, Alessandro Morosi and Alessandro Costantino.

Morosi was clearly the fastest of all in practice, setting pole position with a stratospheric time, Costantino finished in sixth place.

In race 1 Morosi did not take advantage of his pole position and during the first lap he also had to avoid a driver who slipped in front of him, losing several positions, Alessandro did his utmost in an exceptional comeback which took him to first place, unfortunately during on the last lap a stiffness in his forearms prevented him from taking home the victory, finishing second. Costantino finishes 11th.

In the second heat Morosi, after taking the lead during the second lap, was hit by an opponent who made him fall, losing many positions. Alessandro tried to recover but his chase stopped in fourth place. Excellent performance for Alessandro Costantino who finishes sixth.

World Championship S1GP Belgium Mettet

The last Supermoto world event took place for the first time ever in conjunction with the prestigious "Superbiker" race in Mettet in Belgium, a street circuit now with a new part of asphalt which made the track longer to accommodate the World. 
The Gazza Racing team presents itself in full at this event, Youry Catherine with her hand injury now on the mend, Romeo Fiorentino home race for him being from the Belgian town and Jacopo Monti who wanted to be there at all costs also with a strong arm problem that limits him in driving. 
In addition to the new location, the world championship was divided into three days from Friday to Sunday to make room for the other scheduled races.

In qualifying Youry scores an excellent eighth time and fails to enter the Super Pole by just 4 tenths, the French rider is returning to form and we can also see how he manages to ride his Honda CRF 450R, Fiorentino finishes 14th and Monti 29th °.

The first race that took place on Saturday Catherine was unable to have a good start, losing some positions. After finding his rhythm, Youry tried to recover but on the Mettet track it is very difficult to carry out this maneuver without risking a lot and the French driver he didn't overdo it so as not to make a mistake and finished in ninth place. Fiorentino fought in the middle of the group, finishing 16th.

In the fast race, after a good start by Catherine which saw him slip into the top positions in an attempt to force the pace in the first lap, he slipped on the dirt track and restarted beyond the middle of the group. Youry, with a great comeback, finished in an excellent seventh place, a good performance also for Romeo Fiorentino who crossed the finish line in tenth position.

Great start for Youry in the last heat, finishing in fourth place and for a few laps he put on a great battle with his rivals, during the seventh lap his compatriot Bonnal made a bad entry on him while trying to overtake on the dirt road and Catherine he was almost forced to stop to avoid coming into contact with his opponent but losing many positions and could not do better than 13th place finish. Fiorentino, thanks to a few too many mistakes, crossed the finish line 17th.

The Gazza Racing team fielded the English ace Davey Todd, driver of the BSB Championship and one of the specialists from the Isle of Mann, in the superbiker category. Todd, with a good performance in the final, took 13th place overall.

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